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Albert Edward Lodge No. 1714

Camberley, Surrey



When a lodge can demonstrate one hundred years of continuous working it can apply for a 'centenary warrant' and its members are allowed to wear a centenary jewel. A decorative bar is available for bicentenaries.

The earliest jewels were different for each lodge, but in 1865 a standard pattern was established featuring a snake biting its tail, symbolic of eternity, combined with a rope knot without an end and 'C' the Latin letter for 100 all within a sky blue border with the name of the Lodge. There have only been one or two variants to this jewel since the 1860s.

Shown here is the Centenary Jewel belonging to W.Bro Michael Alliott PGStdB, the Master of the Albert Edward Lodge No. 1714 during the Centenary year of 1977.