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Albert Edward Lodge No. 1714

Camberley, Surrey


The Agincourt Hall, situated on the London Load (A30), can be found next door to McDonalds "Restaurant". The full address is Agincourt Hall, London Road, Camberley, Surrey GU15 3JA (click post code for map)

A Look Back in time ...

Once upon a time, before there was amplified music, when Mr and Mrs Entertainer communicated with everyone using the Royal Mail, or maybe Telegram, when there were local phone numbers that consisted of a single digit, and you could get "Home Killed Meat, Calves' Liver, Brains and Calves' Breads" from the local butcher (telephone Camberley 12) there was the Agincourt Hall .......

Found in the darkest recesses of the building, this brochure gives a unique insight into the hall, and maybe one or two into the "social scene" of the time.

Click on the image to download the brochure ,

Agincourt Hall.pdf