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Albert Edward Lodge No. 1714

Camberley, Surrey


For a standing order form for regular payments into our relief chest please click here on the image to the right.

The amount required for each level of stewardship is detailed in the table below.

Please complete the form and return it signed to the Charity Steward



Vice Patron


Grand Patron

One off payment





RPP for 4 Years





RPP for 3 Years





RPP for 2 Years





Brown Envelope Scheme

For those members wo are unable to set up a direct debit, the Lodge operates a “Brown Envelope Scheme” whereby regular donations can still be made to the Lodge Relief Chest.

Please still complete the Gift Aid Declaration form and return it to the Charity Steward so that tax relief can be claimed back on your donation.

Seriously consider setting up a direct debit, it saves administration and your contributions continue throughout the year should you be unable to make a meeting and during the “closed season” over the summer.