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Albert Edward Lodge No. 1714

Camberley, Surrey

Lodge History

The history of the Albert Edward Lodge No 1714 has been the topic of research for two very distinguished brethren. The first 100 years (1877 - 1977) was researched and compiled from Lodge records by W.Bro Peter Fitchew and published to commemorate the Centenary meeting of the Albert Edward Lodge No. 1714, and the next 25 years (1977 - 2002) by W.Bro Michael Alliot, who was himself the Worshipful Master during the Centenary Year, but maintains that he wasn't one of the original initiates......

In this section you will find transcripts of booklets issued to commemorate the first 100 years, and then the next 25 years.

1877 - 1977 1977 - 2002